FTVersionTrak™ allows you to introduce advanced version control practices into your PLC programming environment. It secures the files essential to your manufacturing or business process, safeguarding them from unauthorized access, accidental deletion, or loss. FTVersionTrak is available in two editions, a programmer edition designed for a single user or and a full versions intended for teams.

FTVersionTrak PE

The FTVersionTrak Programmer Edition™ (FTVersionTrak PE™) is designed specifically for single users of PLC WorkShop Suite for Siemens 505 and PLC WorkShop Suite for Modicon. Installed on the same computer as your PLC WorkShop application, FTVersionTrak PE offers a streamlined set of version control tools for protecting and troubleshooting PLC WorkShop files.

FTVersionTrak PE secures and safeguards your PLC WorkShop files, ensuring that if a problem occurs with one of your programs, a backup file is readily available. It may also be used to compare differences in logic, configuration, I/O configuration, registers, documentation, and other program components between two versions of a program file. FTVersionTrak PE is only included as a part of PLC WorkShop Suite for Siemens 505 and PLC WorkShop Suite for Modicon.


The full version of FTVersionTrak is intended for use within a team environment where files are secured within a central repository that is shared by multiple users. FTVersionTrak allows you to take complete control of your file change management activities, providing the ability to control who accesses your files. You will always know what changes were made, who made the change, when they were made, and have the ability to roll back changes. FTVersionTrak may be purchased as a standalone product and is also included as part of PLC WorkShop SuperSuite packages.

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Compare Features

FTVersionTrak PE FTVersionTrak
Access FTVersionTrak from PLC WorkShop X X
Access the FTVersionTrak client X X
Archive PLC WorkShop files X X
 Access files with a repository X X
Check files in and out X X
Save multiple versions of the same file X X
Compare files X X
Affix electronic signatures X X
Share files among multiple users X
Set user rights and security X
Secure access through user logins X
Create more than one repository X
Access files from a centralized server X
Schedule automated backups of programs from PLCs X

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