• New instructions for PLC WorkShop for Siemens 505 and CTI 2500 Series processors (MegaEDRUM, Floating Point Comparison, On Delay Coil, and Off Delay Coil) are now supported.
  • Comparisons can now be performed on user-specified components of PLC programs (instead of comparing the entire program).
  • Comparison options are now displayed according to the type of file being compared.
  • Ability to search for text strings has been added to the text file comparison window.
  • The name within the software and documentation has been changed from FTVersionTrak Pro to FTVersionTrak PE to match the name used elsewhere.


  • Improved the process of creating new, user-defined version states.
  • Improved the operation of folder history.
  • Enabled internet communication protocols on install.
  • Improved the operation of check in and check out.
  • Added the ability to browse to another folder during check in of folder.