ControlShop™ is a Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) software suite containing a collection of clients and ActiveX servers that allow read/write data transfer from PLCs or intelligent I/O to other applications. This software is compliant with OPC Data Access Standard communication drivers and compatible with all FasTrak PLC programming software products.

ControlShop is available as a complete suite or in the following individual packages:

  • FTLogger™ / FTTrender™
  • FTAlarm™
  • FTBatch™

FTLogger / FTTrender

FTLogger and FTTrender are combined into one package as a cost-effective and convenient option for your data tracking needs.

FTLogger collects real-time data from multiple PLC devices and logs it to multiple database platforms. Addresses are entered into a spreadsheet format with up to 30,000 addresses per log window. Data is logged based on a specific timeframe, deadband, or event.

FTTrender graphs real-time and historical (logged) data from multiple devices. A data trend is illustrated by graphing a series of data values collected for a data point over a period of time. Real-time access to devices is handled through communication drivers, and the logged data comes from a Microsoft Access or SQL database file created by FTLogger or FTTrender.

FTLogger/FTTrender can record data as fast as the PLC it is connected to can relay that data – with sample rates better than 0.10 seconds depending on the number of data points and communication type being used. FTLogger/FTTrender can be automatically launched from FasTrak’s PLC WorkShop programming software products.


FTAlarm monitors data points specified by the user across multiple PLCs and alerts for alarm conditions. The user interface consists of a list (spreadsheet) view and a graphic view. FTAlarm has the ability to alert you when a problem occurs as well as when a task has been completed successfully. FTAlarm offers an unlimited number of alarms, multiple alarm types such as text-to-speech, WAV files, email, pager, and phone, and remote access and control via telephone.


FTBatch allows multiple numeric values (batches or recipes) to be written to one or more PLCs at a time. These values are displayed in the row and column spreadsheet-like cells. Values may be entered manually or read from external Microsoft Access or SQL database files. FTBatch offers an unlimited number of batches, event-based batches, and the ability to download a batch across multiple PLCs.

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