FTSolution for APT™ is the only Microsoft Windows®-based replacement for Siemens APT®. The FTSolution for APT family of products offers all the programming, testing, troubleshooting, and management capabilities necessary for a robust PLC programming environment. The FTSolution for APT™ ecosystem includes the following products and services, sold separately:

  • FTSolution for APT™
  • FTSolution for APT Simulator™
  • FTVersionTrak for APT™
  • Startup Services, Training, and Support

FTSolution for APT

Designed for use with the entire line of CTI 2500 Series and Siemens/TI 505 PLCs, FTSolution for APT allows you to import, create, edit, compile, download, and debug APT-based PLC programs. It eliminates the costly need to migrate to another PLC platform.

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FTSolution for APT Simulator

Test and debug your PLC programs before going live with the only software of its kind for CTI 2500 Series and Siemens/TI 505 PLCs. FTSolution for APT Simulator allows you to program, run, and test APT language-based programs in a fraction of the time without requiring expensive hardware.

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FTVersionTrak for APT

FTVersionTrak for APT allows you to introduce advanced version control practices into your programming environment. With the ability to control who accesses your files, you will always know what changes were made, who made the changes, when they were made, and have the ability to roll back unwanted changes.

FTVersionTrak for APT secures and safeguards your FTSolution for APT files, ensuring that if a problem occurs with one of your programs, a backup file is readily available. FTVersionTrak for APT may also be used to compare differences in logic, configuration, I/O configuration, registers, documentation, and other program components between two versions of a program file.

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Startup Services, Training, and Support

FasTrak offers a full range of services to support the FTSolution for APT family of products. These services include:

  • Startup support services for installation assistance, importation for program files, and program validation
  • Training classes that ensure a smooth transition to FTSolution for APT
  • Unlimited technical support for 12 months following purchase

FasTrak’s Commitment to APT Language Programs

FasTrak has been supplying PLC programming software for over 30 years to thousands of customers worldwide. We are committed to the long-term development, service, and support of programming software for the CTI 2500 Series and Simatic 505 PLCs and the APT-based programming language. Our commitment includes:

  • The ongoing release of new product versions.
  • Continued development of, and support for, the FTSolution for APT ecosystem.
  • An experienced technical staff to answer all your questions.

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