Over time, many hands will ultimately “touch” a PLC program file, whether it is to correct an error, update documentation, or add new logic. Unfortunately, this leads to PLC programs becoming lost, out of date, duplicated, or overwritten. These scenarios are not only common, but costly.

PLC version control software safeguards your essential PLC programs and other business files, protecting them from unauthorized access, deletion, or loss. Using version control software, individuals and teams can manage changes to PLC programs over time. PLC version control software can also be used to compare PLC program files and restore previous versions of a file, minimizing disruptions to the manufacturing process while issues are resolved.

FasTrak’s PLC Version Control Solutions

FasTrak has over 30 years of experience providing PLC programming and PLC version control solutions to a wide variety of industries. PLC version control is included or available in the following FasTrak products: