PLCs that are programmed incorrectly result in lost productivity, dangerous operating conditions, and costly downtime. In industrial environments, it is necessary to spend sufficient time programming, testing, and debugging PLCs. However, it is not realistic to perform these activities on equipment in real time.

PLC simulation allows you to write, execute, test, and debug PLC programs before going live and without requiring expensive PLC hardware. PLC simulation software turns your computer into a virtual PLC, enabling you to design and evaluate the behavior of your control system without any risk to your assets or manufacturing process.  You can even use PLC simulation software to write control programs before hardware exists and test “what-if” scenarios.

As a training tool, PLC simulation software aids in the understanding and learning of PLCs. New programmers and other staff can use PLC simulation to familiarize themselves with programs and test changes in a risk-free programming environment.

FasTrak’s PLC Simulation Solutions

FasTrak has over 30 years of experience providing PLC programming and simulation solutions to a wide variety of industries. PLC simulation is included or available in the following FasTrak products: