Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) systems are critical for highly automated industries. To effectively analyze the status of your assets and equipment and execute optimal responses, you must have access to the data collected and stored by PLCs. When used together, SCADA software and PLCs form an automated system for monitoring manufacturing processes and making informed data-driven decisions.

PLC SCADA software is comprised of many different features and capabilities. PLC data acquisition and data collection features allow you to gather data from various machines and devices for analysis. Alarming capability improves response times to issues in the production process that may cause waste and downtime. Batch management features allow you to write values to PLCs en masse.

As a result of using PLC SCADA software, organizations can increase productivity, improve management of critical equipment, and minimize downtime and interruptions to production.

FasTrak’s PLC Data Acquisition and Collection Solutions

FasTrak has over 30 years of experience providing PLC SCADA software to a wide variety of industries. PLC data acquisition and collection, alarming, and batch management is available in the following FasTrak products: