• Individual Projects, or all Projects within a Solution, can be archived to and restored from a single backup file.
  • The date and time of the internal PLC clock and calendar can be set when online in Debug mode.
  • A summary of the PLC status, including memory usage, faults, and scan times, is available when online in Debug mode.
  • Contrasting colors indicate forced Symbols in the I/O Symbol Tables.
  • Forced values appear in the Forces dialog.
  • CFC Editor
    • Fixes the issue of Scaled Integer declarations not shown in the list of the symbols valid for assignment to Process Variable settings of an object. For example, the settings of Wild Process Variable of Ratio Station CFB.
    • Resolves the issue of CFC Diagrams not registered with the project they belong to.
  • Declarations Editor
    • Addresses an issue of an internal symbol $DP_VERSION showing in the drop-down list of symbols that can be used for a symbol setting for which a valid assignment is either an integer literal or an integer constant declaration.
  • Solutions Management
    • Fixes error “The file cannot be added. A duplicate object has been detected” shown to user when a unit is removed and then re-added as an existing item in the same application session.
    • Fixes error “Object reference is not set to an instance of an object” shown when user executes command “Generate Reports” on an object file node that is shown under the Compile folder of the project in Solution Explorer, but the object file is missing in the file system.
  • Other
    • Added support for expiration dates past 12/2021. Click here for more information.