• The Compare Folders Report now includes an option to only show differences between folders.
  • The Network Tree in Modicon Network Setup now provides Collapse All and Expand All options.
  • Users may now choose to Get files from a repository search result to a single location on the local machine.
  • The FTVersionTrak repository now supports files larger than 200MB.
  • The Get dialog now provides a Yes to All option on Create Directory and Overwrite operations.
  • This release will support the new features and instructions in the next release of PLC WorkShop for Siemens 505, version 4.50.


  • Comparing contents of a CD no longer produces an error.
  • The position of the toolbar is now remembered when the application is reopened.
  • Attempting to roll back a repository file to an earlier version no longer produces an error.
  • Comparing a repository folder to its working folder now displays the proper relative path in the Compare Folders dialog.