• Detailed comparisons of unopened PLC programs are provided through the WorkShop toolbar.
  • Automated email notifications may be sent upon execution of scheduled tasks.
  • Automated email notifications of file and folder operations may be sent.
  • Selected file versions may be deleted without removing subsequent versions.
  • Selected Activity Log records may be purged or archived.
  • Repositories may be destroyed.
  • Comment entry during check-in may be required.
  • New versions may be checked in only when files are different.
  • A warning is displayed when rolling back file versions.


  • A properly sized comparison window displays when FTVersionTrak is launched from WorkShop.
  • Checked-out files are indicated in WorkShop.
  • Differences are displayed regardless of which order files are selected.
  • Site license installation has been revised.
  • Installation over previous versions has been streamlined.