• Program name, data, time and page number may be printed at the top or bottom of each page.
  • Margin settings now apply to the page headers and footers.
  • Floating Documentation Window displaying tag, description and description comments in multi-line Window added.
  • Floating Documentation Window displaying description comments in a single line Window added.
  • Manual enhancements including DX zoom screen shots, “Monitor Mode” and “Compare function” added.


  • During installation all nodes under the tree structure as selected by default.
  • The “Trace Coil” and “Untrace Coil” features highlight the ladder logic starting at the position of the cursor.
  • Corrected problem with the Quantum Traffic Cop configuration retaining added drops.
  • Toolbar is no longer redrawn when focus is clicked on a minimized window.
  • The “Global I/O” and ‘Edit’ dialogs calculate the correct ‘to’ address for 0x and 1x discretes.
  • The “Global I/O” dialog allows “Global Output length” and “Global Output reference” to be empty.
  • Corrected “Print” and “Print Preview” problem when printing Module Port information for Micro 612 PLCs.
  • Online with a 984-785E the “PLC Type Setup” dialog determines which PLC type it is displaying.
  • Corrected visibility problem when entering in the “Address” column in the Data Window.
  • The Data Window no longer loses focus after returning from the Windows common dialog used to load and save templates.
  • “Module Zoom” no longer displays the changes even through they are not physically accepted.