• An icon for Traffic Cop is now available for the main toolbar. Note:  If the main toolbar has already been customized, it is necessary to manually add the Traffic Cop icon to the main toolbar. If no customization of the main toolbar has been performed, the Traffic Cop icon should appear in the main toolbar automatically upon install.
  • A keyword search is now available in the All Headers program window.
  • Addresses that are used in a program are now identified in the Documentation Window with an asterisk. Previously, there was no way to distinguish used addresses from unused addresses in the Documentation Window.
  • The FTVersionTrak application Product Name is now correctly identified in the Security Key Update dialog box:  FTVersionTrak PE is displayed when FTVersionTrak PE is licensed; FTVersionTrak is displayed when FTVersionTrak is licensed.
  • Modules from OHP Automation Systems are now directly supported in Traffic Cop


  • Corrected the display of Segment Number in the Program Window title bar when the Network Number Mode is set to Continuous.
  • Improved the operation/control of specific cursor movements in programs containing Network Equation instructions to prevent an error message.
  • Updated the maximum value of the Watchdog timer for Quantum 434/534 PLCs.