• Program name, data, time and page number may be printed at the top or bottom of each page.
  • Margin settings now apply to the page headers and footers.
  • Floating Documentation Window displaying tag, description and description comments in multi-line Window added.
  • Floating Documentation Window displaying description comments in a single line Window added.
  • Manual enhancements including DX zoom screen shots, “Monitor Mode” and “Compare function” added.


  • Complex printer driver selections are now displayed in the print setup Properties dialog.
  • Entire network headers are now written when programs are output to text files.
  • Peer Cop configuration extension data is now correctly read from and written to PLCs.
  • Peer Cop now allows BCD and BIN selections for Global I/O register address types.
  • The “Unable to locate the security server” error when disabling a Microsoft Access database activity audit file is fixed.
  • The ‘Online Logic Powerflow Update’ setting in the ‘Update Times’ tab of the ‘Program Setup’ dialog may be adjusted when online networks are incorrectly marked ‘skipped’ while displaying powerflow.