• Added option which automatically checks the FasTrak Web site for the available software updates. Also, a “Visit FasTrak on the Web” item was added to the “Help” menu which opens a new or redirects an existing Web browser window to the FasTrak home Web page. The FasTrak Web site is automatically checked for a software update only when the user selects this option in the Program Setup dialog and an Internet connection already exists when PLC WorkShop is started.
  • Added the ability to modify headers with Modify Doc on the right mouse click in the header.


  • Corrected problem offline in Continuous Network Mode, highlighting some logic in Segment 2 and doing a Cut, actually cut the logic from Segment 1.
  • Corrected problem where clearing configuration after changing quantities, did not replace the battery coil in the coils used table. If a program was merged into this new configuration, it resulted in “Invalid Coils Used” error when trying to go in Run Online.
  • Corrected problem where using fill formats with 0X addresses could cause addresses not to be zero filled.
  • Corrected problem of being unable to attach to PLC straight serially after first attempting to unsuccessfully attach to PLC via modem. The error “Unable to attach to PLC. Error writing to comm port” would occur.
  • Corrected problem where on a Micro CPU, “Illegal Node” was occurring during a Save Online, when running Windows 98. This was due to a timeout.
  • Corrected problem where verify for saved file did not work correctly for shared documentation. This could have resulted in an application error during or after an Online save.
  • Corrected problem where the Insert and Validate of a blank network did not get stored properly. This resulted in the networks that were added, not existing in the saved file, and also resulted in the networks being displayed online, but could not be deleted in Continuous By Segment mode.
  • Corrected problem where importing a .PGR file in which the configuration takes several buffers, could cause an incorrect import of TCOP, Loadables, Solve table, Configuration Extension. This could result in an “Invalid Solve Table” error.
  • Corrected problem where we were unable to add TCP/IP to the existing Configuration Extension online, even when the PLC was not in Run.
  • Corrected problem being unable to see the FT-SQD in the Update key dialog.
  • Corrected problem where Trace did not locate properly after a ‘Header Keyword’ search was done.
  • Corrected problem where the 4X Register Import would not bring in the documentation, if the description was using multiple delimited columns in the text file.
  • Corrected problem where validating a rung which had a coil address beyond the configured quantity and was preceded with fake shorts, the ladder cursor would locate in the wrong location after receiving the invalid address error.
  • Corrected problem where the DX Zoom on R-T Moves and most other Move instructions, did not show all the registers if the table size in the bottom node was greater than 12, or less than 20.
  • Corrected problem where Online in Node Edit, in Continuous By Segment mode, the correct network number was not returned, which resulted in not being able to delete certain networks that were inserted.
  • Corrected problem where in INSERT mode in the data window, if you had addresses in the window, and an insert was done over the top of them, the new addresses were displayed, but the new addresses were actually internally the same as the address where the Insert was done.