• Corrected problem where the F1 key was bring up the help index when set to DOS Hotkey mode, when it should have entered a contact.
  • Corrected problem where the NOE modules 771-00 and 251-00, and 771-10 and 211-00 have the same module number causing the 251 display for the 771. These have been modified to a combined description.
  • Corrected GPF when doing Paste with Rewire of only a blank network.
  • Corrected problem when entering values in Module Zoom screens when program setup was set for 5 Digits. Values were being read as 6 digits from the Module Zoom and caused Bad I/O TCOP error.
  • Corrected problem where Untrace did not work correctly when set to Single Network Display Mode. The cursor would untrace, but the display would not update properly.
  • Corrected problem where segment header printed with an indent when the last network of the previous segment had a wrap.