• Created ability for RS/SR latches to be displayed in ladder format.
  • Added Comparison of open programs, whether online or offline.


  • Corrected problem importing data block headers during import of a Step5 file.
  • Changed Importing and Exporting Documentation to Text Files to recognize when Labels contain embedded CR/LF’s, so they won’t wrap.
  • Corrected “Invalid Instruction” error when entering !=F, = F0.0, and < F as a statement list instruction.
  • Corrected intermittent spontaneous cross reference building that happened when using the “Window” menu item of the main window with a cross reference window up.
  • Corrected problem of Status and Data Window not displaying Timer/Counter data correctly for 150U.
  • Corrected RS/SR Latches to display correctly in ladder.
  • Corrected RS/SR latches from sometimes blanking out in display of ladder.
  • Corrected display problems when clearing a segment.
  • Corrected import of FasTrak DOS or Siemens Step5 files to import blocks with hidden segments correctly.
  • Corrected problem of Ladder flip-flop being displayed in statement list following validation.
  • Corrected status display for bit and byte addresses of ladder box instructions.
  • Corrected problem where cross reference table would not load when loading symbols/documentation online without loading logic.
  • Grayed Goto Fault pushbutton for invalid fault blocks.
  • Corrected export dialog reference to Text Import.
  • Corrected Instructions BSR and BSS being swapped when placed using ladder instruction bar.