• Added FTLogger and FTTRend help files to install tree.
  • Hardware security keys for distributors may be updated over the phone or via e-mail.


  • Corrected problem importing a particular. NLSW Westing House file.
  • Corrected a misleading security hardware key error message.
  • Corrected problem with print preview ending at a set segment.
  • Correct problem with certain Step 5 headers creating out of bounds arrays.
  • Corrected index error problem when saving a program file from a 115U CPU 945.
  • Corrected a problem with maximum block size causing a timeout when retrieving from the PLC.
  • Corrected problem with mis-matching documentation and ladder in a certain Step 5 file.
  • Corrected a block retrieval problem when deleting a block and then transferring the file online and attempting a new block of PB1.
  • Corrected problem concerning “PLC Clear Memory” utilities when more than one file is open, and at least one is online.