• Powerful NT Security – including one-time, server-based Security Configuration, complete Administrator Control of all Editing, Save and Load functions, Documentation, Program Set-Up and Auditing of all user operations.
  • Improved Ease-of-Use with Floating and Docking toolbars, Color Editor, optional Softkey Mode, Shortcut Addressing, Open Tree view programming and improved Context-Sensitive Help.
  • Increased Program Speed due to development and design using full 32-bit implementation.
  • More Powerful Programming with the use of Mnemonics, Merge Blocks, and Cutting and Pasting by block or element.
  • Block Call enhancement with Zoom In/Out, and Previous or Next features.
  • One-step Transfer of Logic from Offline to PLC.
  • Completely redesigned and Expanded Print with Print Preview, Network Cross-Reference and Print-to-Text File.
  • The ability to save Ladder/Statement list and Documentation in a single file which greatly Reduces Disk Space requirements while making it much easier to move files.
  • Expanded Troubleshooting with Network Cross-Reference, Program Compare and a redesigned Data Window.
  • New, built-in SCADA capabilities – including Data Logger and Trender – fully ControlShop compatible.


  • Problem having to do with flag saves corrected.
  • “S” values are read only in the Data Window and when Status has been turned on.
  • Problem with Workshop not properly comparing versions when checking for the latest update has been fixed.
  • NT Security will no longer be installed non-NT operating systems.