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Do I still need to keep my COM Profibus configuration files?

If you originally configured your Profibus network in COM Profibus, you most likely had to save two separate configuration files: a COM Profibus project file (.PB5) and an exported binary file (.2BF). The PB5 file was used to create and edit the Profibus configuration, while the 2BF file was used to import into WorkShop. You will also have a certain number of GSD files representing your individual master and slave devices stored somewhere on your computer.

To make sure that you can add and edit the Profibus configuration you originally created in COM Profibus using the new Profibus Configurator, you will need the 2BF binary file and access to all GSD files represented in your configuration. You will no longer need the PB5 file for configuration, but it may be helpful for troubleshooting situations.

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