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How are files created in previous versions of FTSolution for APT handled in Versions 1.3.0 or higher?

Solutions created in FTSolution for APT v1.2.2 or lower will be automatically updated when opened with FTSolution for APT v1.3.0 or higher. As part of this update, Projects that are in an incrementally compiled state will automatically be incrementally compiled. Immediately after the automatic compilation, FTSolution will display the Project Upgrade Warning screen to list the updated projects and an upgrade130.log file will be created within each of these projects. It is strongly recommended that you perform an immediate full download for the affected projects. Until a full download is performed, the download incremental changes option will be disabled.

To see which version of FTSolution for APT you are running, select the Help \ About menu item. The version number is displayed on the first line of the About box.

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