• Supports complete configuration of Profibus-DP networks and devices.
  • The program file format has been updated to store Profibus configuration data.
  • Long address types (V, K, and T) are now supported for the CFUNC instruction.
  • The PRINT Special Function instruction is now fully supported for the CTI 2500 Series controllers.
  • The CFUNC (Custom Function) instruction is now supported for the CTI 2500 Series controllers.
  • The CTI 2500 Programming Reference Manual is now distributed with the software.


  • Program files are no longer able to be saved upon exit when FasTrak Security is configured to not allow saving of program changes.
  • The tool tip for the CTR instruction is now properly displayed.
  • K address values are now properly allowed in Special Function instructions that use input tables.
  • Searching for B and W addresses and the NOT instruction now properly displays results while online with the controller.
  • Online help now properly displays the topic source after a keyword search.
  • Online status now updates correctly after adding a long parameter to a CTI 2500 custom function.
  • The mouse may now be used to edit the Preset field of an Up/Down Counter instruction.
  • The mouse may now be used to edit the N: variable in a Move Word to Table instruction.
  • Spaces are now properly removed when pasting data to a Tag field from an outside source.
  • Adding a CFUNC parameter to a PGTS or PGTZ instruction no longer causes WorkShop to close unexpectedly.