• Program no longer tries to continue executing after CALL stack limit failure when “Continue On Error” option is set for a Special Function.
  • Non-compiled Special Function programs and subroutines are no longer being called inline from the RLL or from a CALL statement in a compiled Special Function program.
  • PID Loops and Alarms correctly write updates to discrete V-Flag addresses.
  • Special Function execution now uses memory more efficiently.
  • Special Function SCALE and UNSCALE instructions now report an error when the input is out of the range of the engineering units specified.
  • Forced bit I/O locations are no longer cleared on a transition to Program.
  • When finding an X or Y address in a discrete force, the search will also look for “C” addresses.
  • The TEXT instruction decodes properly during the RLL syntax check and no longer causes the Find Opcode function to encounter an error and abandon its search.
  • Searching by instruction type now finds all instructions within the same instruction class. (Requires 505 Workshop 4.00 SP1)