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How do I convert ProWorx Nxt files?

Extracting Logic

  1. Transfer the file you would like to convert online to your PLC with ProWORX.
  2. Close ProWORX and open WorkShop.
  3. Within WorkShop, select the File \ Open menu item or click the toolbar icon.
  4. Select the Connect to PLC option button.
  5. Verify that the communication settings are appropriate, then click OK.
  6. Save your logic as an *.FMD file within WorkShop.

Importing Documentation

  1. Close WorkShop and open your file in ProWORX NXT.
  2. Click on the File \ Utilities \ Import \ Export menu item. Make sure to have Descriptor Order set to Sequential. – *Important*
  3. Export the *.FIL to a known location. If symbols are used, you may also export them to a *.FIS file.
  4. Close ProWORX and using WorkShop open the *.FMD file created in Step 6 above.
  5. Select the File \ Import menu item.
  6. Import the *.FIL and/or the *.FIS file saved above.
  7. Save the WorkShop file, which contains your logic and documentation.
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