FasTrak SoftWorks, Inc. is pleased to announce the release FTMaintenance Select v3.17.0.0, which incorporates the following:


  • Asset Management
    • Ability to restrict a User’s Asset visibility based on Asset Location.
    • Ability to display the Asset Description and Asset Custom Fields in the Assets grid.
    • Ability to search and sort the Assets grid by Asset Description and Asset Custom Field field contents.
    • Ability to create a Work Order from an Asset record.
    • Ability to retire Assets.
  • Configuration
    • Ability to filter and sort Asset visibility grids by the Asset Location field in Asset Configuration and Service Request Configuration.
  • User Management
    • Improved password strength requirements.


  • Asset Management
    • Improved User-based Asset visibility configuration for Asset and Service Request modules.
  • Work Order Management
    • Improved the Completed Work Orders grid.
    • Improved Work Order Labor tracking.
    • Minor defect fixes and improvements to Work Order functionality.