• A progress bar has been added to the PM Active and DM Active Quick and Regular Close.
  • Windows Vista (Business or Enterprise) is now supported.
  • BDE is no longer required to run the Import Utility.
  • Support for Microsoft SQL Server 2005 and SQL Server 2005 Express has been added.
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Express has replaced MSDE 2000 Database for Expert and Professional Installations.
  • Login case sensitivity has been removed from work order and purchase order approvals.
  • The FTMaintenance client now allows parts to be received through the Barcode module.
  • The FTMaintenance Evaluation disc is now packaged with Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Express.
  • Current version reports have been added to the installations.
  • Port numbers other than the default of 25 may now be used in Email Setup.
  • German translation has been updated.
  • Arabic language is now supported.

Solutions in Database

  • FTMaintenance will no longer automatically uppercase usernames and passwords in the login dialogs.
  • The passwords and logins can no longer be identical to one another in Expert and Professional installations.
  • For Expert and Professional Installations, all passwords are now case-sensitive; the FTMaintenance Group Rights Program will automatically uppercase all passwords when a login is created or a password is changed.

Solutions in Scheduler

  • A color-coded key has been added to the ‘Yearly’ view to assist users in determining what type of work order is being displayed in the grid.
  • The Cycle Type designation from the Resource Assignment has been removed.

Solutions in PM Active and DM Active

  • The “Assign to” function in PM Active and DM Active has been improved.

Solutions in Equipment

  • The Model Number field length has been increased to 32 characters to allow for longer model numbers.

Solutions in Quick Lists

  • Right clicking and multiple printing functions now work properly in quick lists.

Solutions in ProLink II

  • Administrators can now disable attachments in mail sent from ProLink.
  • The Customer / Equipment dialogs now have search functionality.
  • Improvements have been made to the E-Mail Settings user interface.
  • When Field Name changes are made in ProLink, they will now be shown in the reports sent via e-mail to requesters and through E-Link.
  • The Status Field now displays in the Search Request and Search WO functions.
  • Quotation marks used within the Equipment Number field are now compatible in ProLink II.

Solutions in Purchasing

  • Performance improvements have been made in the Purchasing Master File.
  • The field ‘Amendment No.’ was removed from the Quick List, Quick Screen, and Purchasing tab. Amendments are still tracked in the PO Amendments tab.

Solutions in Field Name Change Utility

  • The field name Account/GL in Purchasing can now be changed from within the Purchasing section.