• ProLink II allows users to submit Service Requests via a web browser.
  • An Export PO option was added to the context menu in Purchasing for ERP integration.
  • Portuguese translation was updated.

Solutions in DM Active

  • Fixed problem with send e-mail function after selecting a record queued for delivery to Mobile.
  • Fixed problem that occurred when batch closing multiple work orders that caused the email confirmation to the requestor to apply to the same work order instead of each individual closed work order.
  • Removed errors that occurred when tabbing or clicking through the Quick Screen fields.
  • Record focus in the Quick List will now automatically clear all but the current record when the applicable work order is closed.
  • Fixed problem with closing or quick closing from the DM Active tab or other tabs.
  • Fixed problem with printing from DM Active tab or other tabs.
  • Labor costs are calculated when labor is entered via the Quick Screen.

Solutions in DM Template

  • Work orders activate correctly from Quick Screen and tabs regardless of user rights.
  • Work orders auto print correctly from Quick Screen and tabs regardless of user rights.
  • Fixed problem of multiple DMs activating even though they were not selected while using arrow buttons to navigate between DM Template work orders.

Solution in Drawing Files

  • When using Windows XP with non-classic interface, the attachment drive can now be set.

Solutions in PM Active

  • Selection of other work orders in the Quick List is now cleared when printing from other tabs.
  • When a query is loaded, the Quick Screen will display the associated equipment.

Solution in Scheduler

  • Labels were changed in the Week view for a particular employee, as well as in the Day view for a particular employee. The labels were changed from Hours at Rate 1 to Actual Hours. The value displayed is the total of all hours for the employee.