News Item: : FTSolution for APT V1.3.4 Release
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Monday Jan 15, 2018 - 12:08 PM

FTSolution for APT is a direct replacement for Siemens-obsoleted DOS APT software. FTSolution for APT also reduces the risk of continuing to use DOS software following the end of support for Windows XP by Microsoft. Using obsolete software or operating systems puts you at risk for data loss, system failure, and costly downtime.

With a modern Microsoft Windows interface, FTSolution for APT allows you to import, create, edit, compile, and debug APT-based PLC programs for use with Siemens 505 and CTI 2500 Series PLCs. With FasTrak and FTSolution for APT, your PLC investment will always be protected.

FasTrak SoftWorks, Inc. is committed to preserving your investment in APT language systems and is pleased to announce the release of FTSolution for APT V1.3.4.

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The FTSolution eco-system of products and services includes:
  • FTSolution for APT - full-featured APT replacement product
  • FTSolution for APT Hardware Debugger - ladder-based PLC debugger software
  • FTSolution for APT Simulator - PLC simulation software for testing programs and downloads
  • FTVersionTrak for APT - file change management, program comparison, and backup software
  • Startup support and services - installation, program importation, program validation, training, and technical support

Download a demo and contact the FTSolution Team at 262.238.8088 or by email to purchase your APT replacement.

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