News Item: : FasTrak Releases PLC WorkShop for Modicon - 32 Bit v5.74
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Tuesday Dec 20, 2011 - 12:19 PM

FasTrak SoftWorks, Inc. continues our commitment to the enhancement of PLC WorkShop for Modicon 32 Bit with the release of V5.74. This release saves time by streamlining powerful utilities you use every day:

  • The elimination of an intermediate results dialog in the ladder logic Find feature now provides quicker results while no longer obscuring valuable logic. The location of the found item (Segment and Network) is now positioned at the top of the window.
  • Convenient toolbar buttons and new hot keys now allow you to quickly find the next or previous item in the ladder logic.
  • The Network Cross Reference window automatically places its cursor on the address from which it was launched in the ladder logic window. You no longer need to visually scan the Cross Reference list to identify the source address.
  • The Keyword Search in the Documentation window Find now provides a Go To Cross Reference button. Locate an address with Keyword Search then click this new button to launch the Cross Reference window. The address selected now is automatically identified in the Cross Reference window.
  • A new toolbar button provides one-click direct access to the Traffic Cop configuration window so that you no longer have to open the PLC Configuration window to access.

  • View the complete list of the improvements.  

    FasTrak offers a complete programming solution for Modicon processors in one convenient suite that includes version control and testing capabilities. Contact your Sales Representative for more information about how the PLC WorkShop Suite for Modicon can help you with your PLC programming needs or download a demo.

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