News Item: : FasTrak Releases PLC WorkShop for Modicon - 32 Bit v5.73 and Modicon Simulator v1.05
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Posted by FasTrak Admin
Tuesday Sep 13, 2011 - 11:03 AM

FasTrak SoftWorks, Inc. is pleased to announce the releases of PLC WorkShop for Modicon 32 Bit, v5.73 and Modicon Simulator, v1.05. This upgrade offers a number of enhancements.

  • The updated Sentinel Key Driver is installed with PLC WorkShop and Modicon Simulator for improved Windows support
  • Online Help is improved for 16-bit and Extended math instructions
  • Program accessibility is improved when launching PLC Workshop from Windows Explorer
  • Parameter entry for Network Equation NEQN instructions is improved
  • FTVersionTrak support is enhanced
  • User-selectable parameters in Program Merge are enhanced

  • Visit PLC WorkShop for Modicon Version History for a complete list of the improvements.  

    In 2010, we reaffirmed our commitment to continued product development of PLC WorkShop and support of your Modicon PLC programming needs.  Today, we would greatly value your guidance to help improve PLC WorkShopPlease click here to share your thoughts.

    FasTrak offers a complete programming solution for Modicon processors in one convenient suite.  Please contact Sales for more information about how the PLC WorkShop Suite can help you with your PLC programming needs or download a demo.

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