News Item: : PLC WorkShop for Siemens 505 v4.53 and 505 Simulator v2.12 Releases
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Posted by FasTrak Admin
Thursday Jul 22, 2010 - 11:33 AM

FasTrak SoftWorks, Inc. is pleased to announce the releases of PLC WorkShop for Siemens 505, v4.53 and 505 Simulator, v2.12. Please visit Version Histories for a complete list of the improvements that are now available in these newest versions of WorkShop and Simulator and to upgrade your software.

If you are using an earlier version than v4.50, please note that program files saved in v4.50 and later, including v4.53, will not be accessible to earlier versions of WorkShop.

If your license(s) are not covered by an active maintenance agreement, please contact your Sales Representative to ensure you are eligible to take advantage of the updated software.

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