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Wednesday Sep 27, 2006 - 16:55 PM

FasTrak SoftWorks, Inc. is pleased to announce the anticipated early 2007 release of FTVersionTrak, file change management and version control software specially designed for use within industrial settings.

allows companies to take complete control of their file change management activities, eliminating the conflicts that occur when sharing files in a team environment and preventing unauthorized access to sensitive documents. Within manufacturing environments, FTVersionTrak safeguards against production shutdown by preventing PLC program edits from being unknowingly overwritten or entire programs from being deleted. Any PLC program—including those represented by multiple files and / or directories—may be easily archived and tracked with this powerful application.

delivered with MS SQL Server 2005 Express—works by way of a repository file system, a central and secure location for files and folders stored in an SQL database. When a file is retrieved from FTVersionTrak, a copy of the file is created and placed on a user’s local computer where it becomes editable upon being checked out. While more than one authorized user may view the file, only one person may check it out at a time preventing changes from being inadvertently made to multiple versions of the same file. When the file is checked back into the repository, FTVersionTrak stores the new version along with all previous ones, keeping the original data intact and retrievable.

provides the ability to securely manage files of any kind. Use it to:

  • Archive any file such as .DOC, .XLS, .BMP, .TXT, and .PDF file types
  • Share files among multiple users
  • View version histories and comparison of files
  • Electronically sign documents

Seamlessly integrating with FasTrak’s 505 and Modicon PLC WorkShop software, FTVersionTrak may be used to:
  • Archive, share, and compare WorkShop files
  • Schedule automatic backups of programs from within PLCs

offers the highest level of protection for valuable data and provides full control of file modification, storage, history, and access.

FasTrak SoftWorks is a leading provider of software designed to enhance factory operations. In addition to our file change management software, we also offer software for maintenance and asset management (CMMS / EAM), data acquisition and monitoring (SCADA), and PLC programming and simulation.

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